GLARECO is a company specialised in managing waste streams and in recycling. It is constantly looking for innovative solutions and concepts for recycling and reuse of all types of waste streams.
It co-ordinates and develops projects throughout Europe, and is steadily becoming a reliable partner with in its sector.

The company offers services in two specific fields :

Providing operational contributions
to managing firms that are active in the sector of waste management and recycling;
Valorisation of hazardous
and non-hazardous waste.


The importance of recycling

Managing and finding the ideal solution for recycling industrial waste materials, whether or not they are hazardous, constitutes the veritable core business of GLARECO.

“Lansink’s Ladder”, a waste-management hierarchy devised by Dutch politician Ad Lansink, gives recycling a central place, preceding the last stages of elimination by landfill or incineration.

There is a lot at stake: the climate and environment, of course, but also economic and business issues make recycling a major asset in facing the challenges on which our future depends.

The aim to "Zero waste" affects citizens just as much as the industrialists who are having to adopt new practices in order to achieve the targets. GLARECO is introducing itself as a major player in this socially essential restructuring.

From waste to raw material

By working with companies that offer the best available technics in waste treatment, GLARECO propose different solutions to reintroduce industrial waste streams into a modern “circular economy”.

Whatever your position in the “circular economy” sequence, GLARECO is able to act as an effective go-between and establish useful links with potential partners for you.

Waste to raw material

It is a win-win system between waste producers and recycling companies, allowing:


To reduce waste
treatment costs


Avoiding consuming
valuable raw materials


CO2 emissions


Trading of hazardous
and non-hazardous waste in Europe

For each type of waste stream, there exist a proper and dedicated recycling solution.
But in this era of constantly diversifying waste materials, it can be complicated to identify the ideal solution.

GLARECO can make both its experience and its network of partner firms available to you, to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your situation. The advice available also covers the logistics implications of the operation, an aspect liable to prove costly but which is too often neglected.

With annual business exceeding 140,000 tonnes of waste, GLARECO has a network of associates extending throughout Europe, greatly widening the spectrum of solutions of treatment and valorisation of all types of waste.

And if your problem relates to a lack of materials to supply your recycling plant, GLARECO can, once again, give you assistance.

Advice from outside

In this complex field of waste-materials management, it is helpful to be able to call on an informed expert for assistance and advice.

The experts at GLARECO can provide such external advice and guide you through various aspects of your business :

  • Operating and management of in-coming and out-going waste streams;
  • Relevant laws and regulations;
  • Drawing up business plans or plans for operational policy;
  • Getting the best from your logistics department;
  • Managing the accounting, sales or operating function in your firm.

Whether the assistance we provide is focussed on a specific target or all-encompassing, GLARECO is, first and foremost, professional and confidential.

Managerial assistance

To assist these functions, GLARECO’s assets include certification valid in Germany as an "Abfallbeauftragter" and an "Entsorgungsfachbeauftragter".

GLARECO can thus offer you the services of a temporary manager for:

Managing your waste-flow-management
Operational management of your
facilities for (hazardous or non-hazardous) waste streams;
Assessing the cost-effectiveness of each waste stream.

Permits & approvals

GLARECO can help you collate all the information needed to obtain the essential permit(s) and approval(s) needed from the competent authorities. Such administrative assistance is likely to be a major factor that can facilitate valuable time saving.

GLARECO is also available to guide you in obtaining an export permit in accordance with the European Directive governing cross-border movements of waste.

Mergers & acquisitions

Whether you are undertaking either the acquisition or sale of a company that is active in recycling, GLARECO can act as a star go-between.

Moreover, GLARECO can assist you during the analyses process for aspects within the financial issues, economic and operational issues, competitors and market researches, etc.; assistance to define a target; as well as delivering key information to generate a business plan and to negotiate the correct price.

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